The condos

Twin house 8 Ängsholmen 151 m2 Sold

Price: 5 750 000 kr
Monthly cost: 4 950 kr

In these twin houses, the design of the two homes has carefully considered having unexposed private spaces for each residential area. This has been made possible through different house angles which also provide an interesting architecture.

At the entrance you will be immediately taken by the open plan solution with 3 meters in ceiling height. A wardrobe with sliding doors in the hall, workroom/bedroom and bathroom next door and laundry and storage room smartly placed under the stairs. Furthermore, there is a large living room that has a sliding door to a selected place for a deck and direct access to nature where you are both secluded and getting sun during both the day and the evening.

The dining section adjacent to the living room is framed with two large windows and the U-shaped kitchen delivers generous spaces as well as a low window above the sink to provide extra daylight.

Up the stairs you will find an additional living room that bathes in light through the two large windows. There are also 3 bedrooms, one of which has a spacious walk-in closet. All bedrooms in the house are between 8.5 and 18 m². The upper floor bathroom has a bathtub and a window making it extra bright and delightful to be in.

This twin house is found in three versions in the area, two of which are the same and one is mirror-reversed, in order to adapt them to the best of the locations of the sites. The twin houses are asymmetrical and therefore the two condos in each house are different.


This condo´s own plot of land comprises an area of natural land with a stunning oak in the northwest as well as an unspoiled bedrock with moss that slopes down towards Ripvägen and corresponding rocks in the east. Up here on the mountain you are alone as you have closer to 50 meters to the neighbor´s main building and 20 meters to a complementary building that is at a much lower level, both basically invisible from the plot.
A prepared area for a deck west of the residence gives sunshine during the day and evening and you also have the opportunity to build a southwest-facing deck where there is a flat surface prepared for lawn, planting or your own wishes, before it meets the walkway that leads down to Ripvägen.

Drawings In pdf