The condos

Studio house 13 Aspkobben 50 m2

Price: 2 950 000 kr
Monthly cost: 2 270 kr

A compact and surprisingly spatious living awaits in this studio house. A fully equipped kitchen with a window above the counter is situated across from the entrance and next to it we find the living room / dining room with large windows from floor to ceiling that cover the entire wall. On the right side from the entrance the bathroom is located which is fully equipped where also the combined laundry machine and tumble dryer is built in inside an alchove, where also the hot water boiler resides, hidden away from view.
Up the stairs one reaches a room that could serve as astudy or a bedroom with the same large windows from floor to ceiling as in the floor below. Behind the door is the spacious main bedroom with a walk in closet. The room height is 2.0 – 2.1 m in both floors.
An element among others that distinguishes the elevated standard of this studio house is the fact that all rooms, on both levels, have heated floors.


The own plot of land includes an area with flat surfaces in the west with sun all day with a well planned deck as well as possibilities to create a lawn. North of the house the ground slopes upwards and I the east some forest is found with pine trees and birches until the neighboring land begins. In the south the storage is situated which also provides privacy towards the twin house found some distance behind it.

Drawings In pdf

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