General information

The association has its own road coming in from Ripvägen. The road is shared only with the property Strömma 1:82 which lies between the association’s plots. The road has an electrically folding barrier gate which means that the area has a very low risk of burglary because no outside person can drive in there. The gate is easily accessed via your cell phone and you can open it remotely for guests and for example home delivery of goods. The road is lit with atmospheric and functional lighting.
There is also a footpath down to Ripvägen from the central part of the area, allowing for the fastest possible walking distance to the bus stop approx. 500 meters away.

All homes have their own parking spaces in the area next to the respective house. The larger homes have two places each and the studio houses have a place each. In addition to this, there are guest parking places in the area as well as wider sections of the road where guests can park at those times where more space is required.

If you purchase your condo before it has been finished you are able to influence much of the interior. Many choices are free, for example choice of color on the walls while other choices can be made for an addition. Perhaps you want help withinstalling your TV console, shelves on the walls or other furniture. Elithus, a constant partner, is in place and helps with good pricing and maximum service levels to make you feel as comfortable as possible right from the first step inside your new home.

It is also possible to order outdoor work, such as an extension of the deck, paving, plants, etc. The possibility of solar panels on the roof is also offered. These jobs are carried out at discounted prices if carried out during ongoing construction.

Lastly, a complimentary consultation with Elithus´s head designer for the project is included for every buyer of a home in the association. The theme of the consultation is optional and can include interior design and tips, garden planning or perhaps just a meeting where one can hear about their new home´s original planning from an architectural point of view. If desired, further consultations can be obtained at a discounted price, for instance if one wants to have a solid help in decorating one´s new home.


See maps of the area and the association´s land here.