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Free standing house 9 Lindskär 104 m2 Sold

Price: 4 450 000 kr
Monthly cost: 3 970 kr

This house has a surprisingly spatious floor plan where you have a living room, kitchen and dining area in an open space in the entrance level where the stairs to the downstairs are a central part of the interior. Large windows facing the evening sun and a large sliding door to the south where a flat surface for the perfect deck is found in close proximity to the natural area with beautiful pines. Two to three bedrooms total in the house (read more below) one of which is 17 m2 with its own walk-in closet and 2 bathrooms where one of them has a bathtub. The laundry room with the heat pump is also in the lower level. Finally, the house is equipped with a built-in sauna mad with aspen wood.

The house’s design is largely adapted to the surrounding nature, where the mountain has been used on both sides and adapted the building after it. Therefore, the ground outside the entrance plan is higher with the exception of the entrance and the sliding door to the deck area as it follows the surrounding terrain. This two-level adaptation allows you to have a patio in the lower floor also, where you have untouched evening sun and sliding doors from both the family room and the larger bedroom.

The lower plan has an alternative floor plan if you prefer an extra bedroom instead of a second family room, please see the plan drawing. The house will be prepared and built so that you can retrofit the extra bedroom, even if you do not choose it at the beginning.

This house is also the only one in the area built entirely in stone with fully plastered facade.

This condo´s own plot of land comprises a flat surface in the lower planes prepared for a deck or lawn, a flat surface in the south facing position also prepared for the a deck or lawn as well as flat surfaces prepared for lawn around the entrance to the east. In the transition to these are beautiful and unspoiled natural areas with trees.

This house is the first to have authentic pictures taken instead of renderings. The last file is the original render, for comparison.

Drawings In pdf

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